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UPDATE: Well, it has happened. For me the circle of the Middle Earth that had started when I saw Lord of the Rings 1 when I was 10-11 had officially came to an end. I`m 20 now, which means one way or another, after a decade this had all come to an end, in a way, which is kind of special for me because I could reflect on my younger self that was all nuts when she started the circle. Gods know if PJ would do Tolkien`s Silmarillion and Sons of Hurin series ...
What is weird though that at the middle of the movie the projector suddenly shut off and left us all watching in the dark. It was pretty weird, as then the entire hallway had stirred up and the hosts had to tell us what happened so that we calm down-of-a-sort (they told us that there was a blackout, but I don`t believe it because in the case of a blackout the entire damn cinema would be in the dark, not just the part where me and my dad were watching the movie together with like 20+ people ... families being in-between as well. I`ve actually met a 10-year-old there as well and that brought back memories from my time like in a tsunami) and after a couple of minutes, the fault was fixed and we could continue. Cost us all some 5-7 minutes of added time, but still, that was something to think about.
And you know what can every single one of you expect when the movie is so thrilling as well as so filled with feels that it doesn`t let you sleep and instead you need to take a long refreshing walk across the city while the death of night is outside in order to clear your thoughts ... sort of. And believe me, friends and stalkers, walking across the finely decorated city at 4 a.m. is like walking across a bloody ghost town. All I can really say about it is ... good luck. You`ll need it. A lot!
Smaug: The true king under the mountain by Askharrambadd Desolation Comes Upon the Sky by Zinvera
There was one unpleasant thing that happened at night though as well when I was trying to sleep - my dad literally got up and then relieved himself on my clothing wardrobe at about 2-3 a.m. and now he doesn`t wish to believe it because he doesn`t remember it while I clearly saw it, heard it and even bloody photographed what he had done after failing to prevent him to do it. One more reason not to drink too much alcohol and there being no alcohol for me!!!</sub></sub>
The only thing that can stop me now from viewing the movie as one of the 1st is if tickets are being sold out, as there are 2 selections of time when it will play and these 2 are 5 p.m. CET and 8:15 p.m. CET.
But one way or another, the final part had come in here and I`m bound in seeing it, even if it means that I have to go into the New Year! And as a little fun fact, according to my family I was younger for exactly a decade when I went into the cinema in order to see Lord of the Rings 1, so for me, this is kind of like completing a circle of events that had shaped my personality as well as my dreams (as LotR 1 had a lot of impact onto my dreams and I kid you not because I have recovered the audio logs of them I had made in these distant years) and defy me as well ... me, just like I had hinted it in my 2014 All Saints image.
And just like I had said to some deviants, I`m bringing tissues in my bag just in case. Good luck to the rest of you all that had and will both see it!


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I'm good. Yep. Went to watch 'Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb' with my sister and aunt.:)
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Whew. I then guess that the movie was really enjoying to watch.
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