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Go ahead and check it entirely if you wish. It might not be the best in the world, but neither is the worst xD and it might not be from me directly, but indirectly, but no worries, everyone is credited.

This awaits those that wish to steal my direct arts (signatured with my name):

rage dragon photo: Rage Black_Dragon_by_Tyrus88.jpg

wraith photo: Wraith Wraith.jpg (when I die, presumably from natural causes, thus you still need to be careful if I don`t go on for more than 5 years ->
The Death Clock )

Random Favourites

My favorites
Do not be afraid to scour through them - maybe you`ll love what you discover here ;)

Do you think I randomly fav every piece I stumble across?
Had To Be Done by FreeDanPhantom

TF2 Soldier B by biggreenpepper Nyehehehehehehe ...
... we need to be connected more and stronger than ever before in order to battle the corporations that wish to take the web from us.

What's clear is that, at OpenMedia, we believe in the possibilities of the open Internet. We're working to safeguard the possibility to easily create ties and connections with people all over the world.

The challenge, however, is when those ties remain weak -- when we only know each other very loosely, not enough to collaborate on big projects together, or build relationships over time.

This is why OpenMedia has been working to grow Digital Action Teams (DATs) - teams of thousands of people who collaborate together to make our work to safeguard the open and affordable Internet stronger and more effective.

As a result of so many people joining our Digital Action Teams, we've been able to:

  1. Build a letter to the editor tool to send hundreds of letters and help stop the government’s surveillance plan.
  2. Translate our materials into different languages to reach new audiences and get outside the bubble of the English-speaking Internet.
  3. Amplify our messages, like our recent Trans-Pacific Partnership video that pre-launched to the DAT and the Internet community in 155 countries who had used our crowdsourcing tool.

If you'd like to connect with people all over the world who understand the power of the open Internet and be in the loop about great OpenMedia actions, consider joining a Digital Action Team today.

Next steps: in 2015, we hope to start building a platform that can allow DAT members to interact more directly with each other. If you're looking to be more connected to the global movement to prevent surveillance, censorship, and control by Big Telecom providers, the DAT is for you.

DATs have made scaling our work possible - thanks for taking a look, and (hopefully!) signing up for the DAT today.

Onwards! Spread the word and, if possible, join DAT, so that our Internet will be forever the way we want it to be :)

As for myself, i`m taking a break from dA and only gods know when will I be ready to return again. But even if months pass by, remember, one day I will return again, with more images and more comments. In the meantime, enjoy my gallery and my favorites and spread them around as well. In this dark time when old artists are getting neglected, we need to connect more and unite ourselves with both old and new in order to achieve the visibility we need.

And just like Black Guards tend to say when they search for you:
"Whenever you come back ... I`ll be waiting for you!"

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