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Go ahead and check it entirely if you wish. It might not be the best in the world, but neither is the worst xD and it might not be from me directly, but indirectly, but no worries, everyone is credited.

This awaits those that wish to steal my direct arts (signatured with my name):

rage dragon photo: Rage Black_Dragon_by_Tyrus88.jpg

wraith photo: Wraith Wraith.jpg (when I die, presumably from natural causes, thus you still need to be careful if I don`t go on for more than 5 years ->
The Death Clock )

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TF2 Soldier B by biggreenpepper Nyehehehehehehe ...
with Whynne`s famous Trollface?
Before you tell me that I`m a pretty blatant liar, well, let me tell you that I had lived long enough to have seen some pretty weird things before these famous memes ascended (even though my life is not as numerous as many people that are in their 30s and 40s now, but still, I had lived long enough to see some really serious sh*bleep* in my youth. warrior1944 knows exactly what I`m talking about) and some of them actually resemble these memes so closely it`s pretty unbelievable that they hadn`t ascended to fame as soon as the Net was up, even though I can believe that at that time the corporations would get more pissed at you posting such things than they are nowadays, thus no hard feelings about that. And besides, when the Net first came, there were no such things as YouTube or dA, he he ;)

Anyway, I know for myself that I had actually saw the almost-complete definition of a troll when I was as young as 6-8 years old, only at that time I was too young to really know about it and, of course, too scared to really care about the whole ordeal. And yet now that I had checked more on the said "pre-Internet troll" nowadays I feel like I should have known about this waaay before this time. But well, at least I still live enough time to actually "upgrade" my knowledge about this and actually find myself being both genuinely surprised and freaked out at the same time because so many things connect with my experiences, it`s already pretty scary by itself.
Now who could this troll be?
Well, there is this that completely defines him nowadays: Trollface cranium by Desdinova84 (this is really impressive, btw!) aka he is literally a dead troll nowadays.
Still confused? Well, how about I tell you that he appeared in a Disney animated film ... and in close to 2 dreams of mine if you count in My name is ...?

Troll face from past by FURFAGGOT

Yes, I`m deathly serious!
That poacher, especially nowadays that I had checked on him more, is the 1st-ever troll I had seen in my youth because the guy`s almost literally a walking trollface to boot every time, especially when he smiles. And yes, I dare you all now to try unsee it now because I surely cannot, even if my childhood wasn`t ruined as much as it should (probably) be. I guess all the weird sh*bleep* I had already seen before checking more on him had hardened me mentally, just like I had told Bazzkorg about dreams of The Eye, another famous troll of many youths (not mine though). And yes, the thing is completely justified because even his PLUSHIE and action figures have that kind of expression! Don`t believe me?……
Still sends so many chills down my spine, man O_o and double more if you know that the guy who voiced this villain also plays the Ghost of Hamlet`s Father in Kenneth Branagh`s Hamlet. [link] I`m so out of here if my dream ever decides to get me the trip back in there. So bloody OUT!

... and just to add even more proof that this villain is one of finest past trolls I had seen in my youth, do you know that when you play his specific boss fight level (whose title you can see on the screenshot), he says random lines that are mostly directed to Tarzan, but at one time, if he manages to deplete all health of Tarzan (as well as at times when you see the final game over screen while you were playing the adult Tarzan), he could say this, efficiently breaking the 4th wall and being directed at YOU, the player:
"I see all you`ve learned is how to lose. *muffled cackle*"
Yes, if he can, he can personally troll YOU and this is also the reason why you should not allow him to ever take all Tarzan`s health while you`re fighting him. It would just make you more pissed  and willing to just, well, RECK him until he finally gets his gob shut (even though in return, I also trolled him in advance because I was daring enough to not just throw fruit at him, but actually going to melee range with him and just stab/slash him, then quickly retreat because this bastard knows how to kick when fighting him at the top. And yes, you can STUN HIM when he`s chasing you up the hill either by throwing fruit at him or knifing him once you have the knife (not shown in the majority of videos, but believe me, you can. I personally don`t know who of us discovered this little quirk, but it got really handy really fast. Also really fun, if you know what you`re doing =P Only be careful, if far enough, he would try to shoot you/Tarzan before resuming the chase and if he hits you, he says various lines, even though the most hilarious one is also the most sarcastic one as well:
"Wou! I need to be more careful, wouldn`t want you to get huurt."
Hilarious XD ... and if you don`t know about everything, here`s the video footage on how does the level look and play like: [link] Note how high the letters Z and the 2nd A are. Well, you either need to get shot by him personally while you`re jumping up or stun him long enough for him to not follow you so that he bumps into you once you land when you actually jump backwards because only then your jumps are high enough to reach these 2 bastard letters. True bloody story and yes, I was inexperienced like that as well, but got my revenge and even more when I pretty much muscle memorized the entire thing =P). And believe me, I was there at times, even though with age, I learned to laugh as well as getting away with things that would most often result in massive damage intake. Yeah, I`m that reckless/brave when I feel that I have everything memorized both in my head and in my muscles.
Also, let`s not forget the entire scheme with the gun being taken from him and pointed blank to his neck.

"Go ahead, shoot me."
*he laughs* "Be a man."
I call troll at that one, I definitely call the troll there! Too bad for you that Tarzan didn`t buy it this time, eh? =P

Now that I personally know about all this, maybe this also contributes to me actually developing likeness for this sonuvabiatch when I was both in my early teenager years and even nowadays, even if at that time I didn`t know sh*bleep* about all of this. 6th sense, anyone, as well as eerie prediction of my destiny?

If you all still don`t believe me, well ... Disney Stamp: Haters Gonna Hate by XxoOjunefoxOoxX :rofl: I had to put that here because that`s just hilarious and this also proves that Tarzan is fully capable of trolling the troll. Double more if you saw this:

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