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This is just the predicament on how would things go after they really start to get hectic and boxed because well ... we need to replace our windows (since one of them has gotten broken from the outside and no way we would be able to repair it as well as they`re being pretty corroded by themselves) and these windows are so big that they cannot go into the apartment if it contains giant furniture like giant wardrobes (that are from my dad`s mom, actually, so yeah, almost 100 years old!) and shelves (that I`ve got since my early youth when I was still a little kid).
And thus we`re throwing both old wardrobes and shelves out, which pretty much means get everything that they contain into boxes and bags and store them temporary in the basement (for 2 days according to my dad, but I really doubt that if I`m completely honest) as soon as possible because as soon as one of my uncles (who has the new wardrobes in his home) comes into my apartment, he will throw pretty much everything that our family stores on these shelves and inside wardrobes away together with the said shelves and wardrobes if they`re not properly stored in boxes and bags prior to his arrival!
And believe me, this is the true chore because each and single one of us (including me) have so much stuff that it`s really tough to manage the boxes we put those stuff in, but thanks to my approval of storing the majority of my chit in the basement already and my bro`s tendency to already store things in boxes we had no problems with that at all. It will be our dad that will have all these problems because he literally has one bloody giant wardrobe filled with his stuff only (and even overfilled!) and his stuff take the most room in the basement (reasonably, since he`s much much older than me or my bro ...).
And to be honest, I`m kind of both excited and bloody afraid at the same time, since this is like a major overhaul of my apartment and since it`s already as tiny as it is, I`m literally not sure if I would actually like the new set of wardrobes and shelves once they arrive. Oh well ... change.

On the other hand, I did managed to uncover some really old stuff that I treasured when I was a kid and I still treasure them to this day ... and one of this stuff is being a small wind-up toy of a boy playing a violin with the music box melody as soon as you wind him up enough and then allow him to play. And what is probably even more strange is that this wind-up toy is not actually made of wood at all except his tiny violin and his bow (awww) - it`s made with the combination of plastic (head) and plushie material (the rest of his body, his hair and his cap) with the winding and playing mechanism being situated inside his bum (because he is sitting down) and I actually have no memory over this toy, not even from my childhood (my dad claims it to be at least 10 years old, but I really don`t know, since it`s not that antique, but it still is antique enough that I was forced to repair his bow using threads from my needlework set), thus I really don`t know how did it end up being in our family and from where does it come from.
And actually I was thinking that this strange wind-up toy would be kind-of a semi-perfect base for a FNaF OC (or "Fanimatronic") that would replace Balloon Boy in some way, but he would still be quite a pain in the butt to ward off and would occasionally play his violin just to distract you (while being an Animatronic as well, only well, smaller. And more tolerable to have, LOL) or try to give you the false sense of security, like the music box is being fully winded if he plays his violin in the Prize Corner. The name? Violin Boy.
And he would be located inside FNaF 2`s Pizzeria somewhere around the Party Room/Game Room (since Lizzarta is a FNaF 1 and FNaF 3 Animatronic), occasionally walking around, but not being too aggressive unlike Balloon Boy and other Animatronics because I was thinking that even if he does enter the Office he doesn`t stay in the Office, unlike Balloon Boy. So yeah, pretty much a walking distraction from other Animatronics, unlike Balloon Boy who damn straight goes for your lights once inside the Office ;)

What do you think of this idea? :) And no worries, I had photographed the toy as well, thus at one point or another in time I`ll post pictures and, if lucky, even its musical melody.

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